Posted by: lilacsandcupcakes | January 19, 2012

You can’t live life through your rear view mirror!

First let me say I hope this makes sense – it did to me but then I don’t consider myself a writer of any kind!

“You can’t live life through your rear view mirror!”

I heard this phrase the other day and it struck a chord with me – at one time I wanted to paint a picture featuring a scene that when you looked at it you would see a lovely scene through your rear view mirror because on one of my trips I was fascinated by the size of the scene in my rearview mirror and thought what a cool painting that would make!

As I was thinking about this phrase I felt the Lord drop these observations in to my spirit:

When you are on this trip we call life and we are driving to our destination here is what I have observed.

Now when you think about it the view in the rearview mirror – that is about the size of your past – small and just glimpses here and there – flashes!

When you look out the side you only get one view depending on which side you are sitting on the right or the left but again a limited view.

BUT and here is the kicker when you look straight ahead you see a larger view.

Another thing that struck me about this phrase was spiritually it made me stop and think and ask myself am I looking back? Do I long to return to my past – do I want to live in that scene from my rear view mirror that I only have flashes of or do I want to look ahead and get the clear picture of my destination?

When I think of looking back I always think of Lots wife. We never get to know her name all we know is that she looked back and became a pillar of salt and also interestingly enough we are reminded in Luke 17:32 to remember Lots wife!

So I ask you are you living your live through the rear view mirror? it’s too tiny for me!



  1. Great perspective here. Why look back? You’ll miss all the exciting place you could go?

  2. How did I miss this?? I love this. Too much looking back and you miss what’s right in front of you. Good reminder.

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