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Yesterday (8/16/11) I received the phone call that I was not looking forward to – My Favorite Aunt Juanita had passed away. As you can tell from the photo above she was a beauty – but it was not just skin deep.

I called her Aunt Eddie and I can’t tell you why but I am sure it was a cute story!

I’m sadden by the news because I won’t be able to see her but I am also very happy for her because she is in Heaven with her Lord Jesus and in no pain. My Aunt served the Lord for over eighty years with unwavering Faith and Belief which she demonstrated in her life. She and my Uncle Russ were servants to their church in Fresno, California, my uncle served there until he passed and my Aunt until she could no longer physically do so.

What will I remember – oh so many things both small and large but here are just a few.

She taught me my very first scripture and it was “Jesus Wept” which is the shortest scripture in the Bible, but I remember it today.

Every summer as a child I would go and visit them in Fresno and they would make sure that I went to vacation bible school with my cousins, Debbie and Donna.

One summer the cousins including me were arguing, so Aunt Eddie sent us to three separate areas – mine was outside sitting in the middle of the grass in the yard. A little while latter I kept calling her name and she kept telling me to be quiet, but I persisted until she came out and saw that I was wet and sitting in their cest pool – which had backed up right where I was sitting – We still laughed about this!

My Aunt was a fashion plate and loved clothes and whenever she went out any where she matched. I always remembered her jewerly because it always matched her clothes. I believe that is where I got my love for clothes.

My Anut and Uncle both started me a silver charm braclet and one day she took one of her hearts off of the braclet (it was from the 40’s) and gave it to me! My Aunt was like that – she just Gave with no expectation, I pray that I get that from her.

My aunt loved antiques and she and I would go hunting for treasures and then we would eat lunch and share our finds with each other.

My Aunt thought my Mom could do make anything and always talked about my Mom kindly, even after my Dad and Mom divorced.

She and Uncle Russ always worried about me and on Holidays they would wonder where I was and what was I doing.

Aunt Eddie and Uncle Russ were married over 50 years and lived in the same house for most of that time, their home was a place I could go to and feel loved and safe.

Aunt Eddie was my confident – I told her about the things in my life that I was not proud of but she never judged me or condemed me – she just loved me unconditionally.

Aunt Eddie was always concerned that I would never settle down and even towards the end she continued to think of me.

I did get to tell her one last time how much I loved her. She couldn’t speak but she smiled over the phone. I will miss her but I know that she is in her new heavenly body and singing with her beloved Russ and her Momma. This I know my Aunts Legacy lives on – because she touched so many lives with her love and kindness!




  1. I just got goose bumps. What a lovely tribute to someone who sounded like she loved you just as much as you loved her.

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