Posted by: lilacsandcupcakes | August 8, 2011

Victory In Jesus!

I always wondered why I was named Vickie! I always wanted some dramatic name like Cassandra or Stormy Dawn anything except Vickie.

I always thought vickie was a plain name nothing special about it. Most people think it is short for Victoria (which it isn’t in my case). I have had friends nickname me Victrola, Sofabed (davenport) and Vic (which always worried me – but it was meant as an endearment so they say – always reminded me of a guy’s name).

Anyway, it wasn’t until I became a Christian that I then found out it meant Victory and that it was kinda special after all. And as I look back over my life and I do that quite often these days I see how Christ has taken me from Victory to Victory – never leaving me flat on my face, but He always picks me up and dusts me off and sends me out again to fight another day for His Glorious Victory.

I guess this is why my favorite saying is “I refuse to be a victim – I chose victory!”

So I guess I have the right name after all:) And if that wasn’t testimony enough here are the words to a famous song “Victory in Jesus”!

Look at the last line “My Savior forever” and I chose that as my last line too!

“Victory In Jesus”
I heard an old,
Old story
How a saviour came
From glory
How he gave his life
On calvary
To save someone like me

I heard about
His groaning,
Of his precious blood’s
Then i repented
Of my sin
And won the victory

Oh, victory in jesus,
My saviour forever
He sought me
And he bought me
With his redeeming blood

He loved me
Ere i knew him
And all my love
Is due him
He plunged me to victory
Beneath the
Cleansing flood

I heard about his
Of his cleansing pow’r
How he made the lame
To walk again
And caused the
Blind to see

And then i cried
“dear jesus,
Come and heal
My broken spirit”
And somehow jesus
Came and brought
To me the victory

Oh, victory in jesus,
MY saviour forever


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