Posted by: lilacsandcupcakes | August 7, 2011


I was walking through the mall today and saw this item for sale, I knew that I just had to buy this for a friend. A WHOOPIE PIE MAKER!

This friend is always buying these when we stop at a gas station. And each and every time she buys one I say – WHY?

Enduebubly she says “They taste Goooood!

And they must – because as I watch her sink her teeth into them she has this look of childlike delight, and smiles with this white gooey stuff surrounding her lips and let’s out a BIG sigh!

When I see my friend delight in this simple pleasure, It makes me think that my Lord and Savior must delight in each of us!

So I am praying that each and everyone one of us has a “Whoopie pie experience” in our life – that gives us that delight and childlike experience each and every day! So I say bring on the WHOOPIE!



  1. Hmmm, I can’t even imagine who would eat those – oh wait yes I can!!!! And now the have makers for them, that’s hiliarous!!!

  2. Another awesome post. It really changes things when you realize that the Lord does delight in us, doesn’t it? Yes, bring on the whoopie!!

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