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Are you a car restorer?

Are you a car restorer?

This was a thought that was shared with me at one of our Stations devotionals and so I decided to write a devotional about it.

You know how when a car enthusiast looks at a dirty, rusted out heap a mess of metal and they see a new shiny restored car – they don’t see the mess they see the possibilities.

Most of us would look at it and say there is no hope for it and pretty much write it off as ever being like new again and leave it in the trash heap and walk away.

But then the one with the vision looks at that heap of mess through the eyes of Faith and sees it as it should be – restored and brought back to life. Sometimes even better than new – better than when it came off of the assembly line – it has been restored!

This is how God our maker looks at us – He looks at us through the eyes of Jesus – He knows that the rusted out, dirty, heap of a mess is worth restoring because he made it and sees it as it should be.

The soul restorer knows what parts needs to be kept. What parts need to be restored. Which parts need to be replaced. Which ones need to be destroyed so that the new parts can function correctly in the new place this is Soul Restoration.

I am challenged today to let my maker restore this old heap of mess with a new vision and a new hope for the future!

“So the workmen labored, and the work was completed by them; they restored the house of God to its original condition and reinforced it.”
(2 Chronicles 24:13 NKJV)

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Do trees cry too?

I am sitting here looking out my window and I see glimpses of leaves falling…..and I started thinking of the holidays coming up and I realize that my Mom has been gone for almost a year now and the tears started to roll down my cheeks thinking of my loss and I started to wonder if when the trees lose there leaves do they cry too?……I like to think so cause they are losing something precious to them too.

And I then I wonder if they know that next year they will gain those leaves plus new limbs and new leaves, kinda like when I know that I will see my Mom again and will dance on the streets of Gold in our new shoes 🙂 or leaves.

So I think trees cry too!


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You can’t live life through your rear view mirror!

First let me say I hope this makes sense – it did to me but then I don’t consider myself a writer of any kind!

“You can’t live life through your rear view mirror!”

I heard this phrase the other day and it struck a chord with me – at one time I wanted to paint a picture featuring a scene that when you looked at it you would see a lovely scene through your rear view mirror because on one of my trips I was fascinated by the size of the scene in my rearview mirror and thought what a cool painting that would make!

As I was thinking about this phrase I felt the Lord drop these observations in to my spirit:

When you are on this trip we call life and we are driving to our destination here is what I have observed.

Now when you think about it the view in the rearview mirror – that is about the size of your past – small and just glimpses here and there – flashes!

When you look out the side you only get one view depending on which side you are sitting on the right or the left but again a limited view.

BUT and here is the kicker when you look straight ahead you see a larger view.

Another thing that struck me about this phrase was spiritually it made me stop and think and ask myself am I looking back? Do I long to return to my past – do I want to live in that scene from my rear view mirror that I only have flashes of or do I want to look ahead and get the clear picture of my destination?

When I think of looking back I always think of Lots wife. We never get to know her name all we know is that she looked back and became a pillar of salt and also interestingly enough we are reminded in Luke 17:32 to remember Lots wife!

So I ask you are you living your live through the rear view mirror? it’s too tiny for me!

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“It’s a Dilly”

As a kid I LOVED ice cream! And still do! My favorite place to go was Dairy Queen.

Several weeks ago while in Georgia, I actually went inside a DQ and was re-introduced to an old friend of mine the “Dilly Bar”. It looks like an large chocolate lollipop, with a swirl on the front and vanilla ice cream inside and to say that I was thrilled would be an understatement. Just unwrapping it from it’s updated plain cellophone wrapper took me back to a favorite time in my life – Summer in Southern California. It reminded me of a simpler time where all I cared about was swimming pools, sunshine, tans, and ice cream! (truthfully I still feel that way)

I was so thrilled that I had re-discovered an old friend that I decided to go again to DQ here in MO and get that Dill Bar feeling again. This time to my surprise – it came in a plain paper wrapper – I didn’t think anything came in a paper wrapper any longer – I was so thrilled that I took a photo and decided it was something I wanted to share – notice I didn’t offer to share my ice cream with anyone – just the empty wrapper!

Now I am sure that there is something that takes you back to a simpler time in your life – this was mine and it came in a plain paper wrapper 🙂 and “It’s a Dilly”

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Yesterday (8/16/11) I received the phone call that I was not looking forward to – My Favorite Aunt Juanita had passed away. As you can tell from the photo above she was a beauty – but it was not just skin deep.

I called her Aunt Eddie and I can’t tell you why but I am sure it was a cute story!

I’m sadden by the news because I won’t be able to see her but I am also very happy for her because she is in Heaven with her Lord Jesus and in no pain. My Aunt served the Lord for over eighty years with unwavering Faith and Belief which she demonstrated in her life. She and my Uncle Russ were servants to their church in Fresno, California, my uncle served there until he passed and my Aunt until she could no longer physically do so.

What will I remember – oh so many things both small and large but here are just a few.

She taught me my very first scripture and it was “Jesus Wept” which is the shortest scripture in the Bible, but I remember it today.

Every summer as a child I would go and visit them in Fresno and they would make sure that I went to vacation bible school with my cousins, Debbie and Donna.

One summer the cousins including me were arguing, so Aunt Eddie sent us to three separate areas – mine was outside sitting in the middle of the grass in the yard. A little while latter I kept calling her name and she kept telling me to be quiet, but I persisted until she came out and saw that I was wet and sitting in their cest pool – which had backed up right where I was sitting – We still laughed about this!

My Aunt was a fashion plate and loved clothes and whenever she went out any where she matched. I always remembered her jewerly because it always matched her clothes. I believe that is where I got my love for clothes.

My Anut and Uncle both started me a silver charm braclet and one day she took one of her hearts off of the braclet (it was from the 40’s) and gave it to me! My Aunt was like that – she just Gave with no expectation, I pray that I get that from her.

My aunt loved antiques and she and I would go hunting for treasures and then we would eat lunch and share our finds with each other.

My Aunt thought my Mom could do make anything and always talked about my Mom kindly, even after my Dad and Mom divorced.

She and Uncle Russ always worried about me and on Holidays they would wonder where I was and what was I doing.

Aunt Eddie and Uncle Russ were married over 50 years and lived in the same house for most of that time, their home was a place I could go to and feel loved and safe.

Aunt Eddie was my confident – I told her about the things in my life that I was not proud of but she never judged me or condemed me – she just loved me unconditionally.

Aunt Eddie was always concerned that I would never settle down and even towards the end she continued to think of me.

I did get to tell her one last time how much I loved her. She couldn’t speak but she smiled over the phone. I will miss her but I know that she is in her new heavenly body and singing with her beloved Russ and her Momma. This I know my Aunts Legacy lives on – because she touched so many lives with her love and kindness!


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Victory In Jesus!

I always wondered why I was named Vickie! I always wanted some dramatic name like Cassandra or Stormy Dawn anything except Vickie.

I always thought vickie was a plain name nothing special about it. Most people think it is short for Victoria (which it isn’t in my case). I have had friends nickname me Victrola, Sofabed (davenport) and Vic (which always worried me – but it was meant as an endearment so they say – always reminded me of a guy’s name).

Anyway, it wasn’t until I became a Christian that I then found out it meant Victory and that it was kinda special after all. And as I look back over my life and I do that quite often these days I see how Christ has taken me from Victory to Victory – never leaving me flat on my face, but He always picks me up and dusts me off and sends me out again to fight another day for His Glorious Victory.

I guess this is why my favorite saying is “I refuse to be a victim – I chose victory!”

So I guess I have the right name after all:) And if that wasn’t testimony enough here are the words to a famous song “Victory in Jesus”!

Look at the last line “My Savior forever” and I chose that as my last line too!

“Victory In Jesus”
I heard an old,
Old story
How a saviour came
From glory
How he gave his life
On calvary
To save someone like me

I heard about
His groaning,
Of his precious blood’s
Then i repented
Of my sin
And won the victory

Oh, victory in jesus,
My saviour forever
He sought me
And he bought me
With his redeeming blood

He loved me
Ere i knew him
And all my love
Is due him
He plunged me to victory
Beneath the
Cleansing flood

I heard about his
Of his cleansing pow’r
How he made the lame
To walk again
And caused the
Blind to see

And then i cried
“dear jesus,
Come and heal
My broken spirit”
And somehow jesus
Came and brought
To me the victory

Oh, victory in jesus,
MY saviour forever

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I was walking through the mall today and saw this item for sale, I knew that I just had to buy this for a friend. A WHOOPIE PIE MAKER!

This friend is always buying these when we stop at a gas station. And each and every time she buys one I say – WHY?

Enduebubly she says “They taste Goooood!

And they must – because as I watch her sink her teeth into them she has this look of childlike delight, and smiles with this white gooey stuff surrounding her lips and let’s out a BIG sigh!

When I see my friend delight in this simple pleasure, It makes me think that my Lord and Savior must delight in each of us!

So I am praying that each and everyone one of us has a “Whoopie pie experience” in our life – that gives us that delight and childlike experience each and every day! So I say bring on the WHOOPIE!

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Love Letters from God!

Love Letter from God,

 I wanted to share this love letter from God with you.

When I was a child in the 50’s my favorite doll was Barbie the teenage model – she had the cutest clothes and so many high heel shoes (I am sure that is where my love for fashion and shoes came from:)

On one of the many cross-country trips in a greyhound bus, that my Mom took me on, I had my Barbie and her clothes all packed in my Barbie case, I always took her everywhere with me, but when we left the bus station I did not have my case.  She was gone and because at that time in my life we did not have money to replace her, so I went without.

Fast forward to my 30’s and I was in one of my favorite places an Antiques store and I walked by a glass case and there I saw my childhood love Barbie.  There were ponytails and bubble cuts all in the different hair colors along with Ken and her many outfits and of course her SHOES:). As I stood there tears started to stream down my face, I know that the other customers thought I was crazy, but my childhood memories flooded over me at that moment and I was a child again.

I am sure you are wondering by now how does this involve God, well again sadly at that time in my life I could not afford the dolls of my childhood so once again I did without.  I did not tell anyone about that day or my experience, but God knew and cared about my tears.

I had forgotten that day until one day a friend of mine handed me a BIG box and it was not my birthday but they were always surprising me with gifts, well inside of that box was a black Barbie case, Barbie and Ken dolls along with Barbie clothes and a pair of her open toe black shoes, again the tears fell but this time they were tears of joy – God had laid it on her heart to give me these dolls.  Only God knew the secret desire of my heart and HE loved me so much that he sent this love letter to me.  

If you think that God does not care about the “little things” in your life you are so wrong – HE cares so much that he has numbered the hair on your head.

Matthew 10:29-31
New King James Version (NKJV)
29 Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

Since that time I have received many “love letters” from God  – they are not always “things” most of the time the letters are in the form of people that he has sent into my life who show me what God’s unconditional love is and I can confess that the “letters” make me fall all over again with MY God! 

My prayer is that you do as my friend always says to me “look around for those Love Letters” they are always signed,
I Love You – GOD

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